Team Secret ESports Betting with Bitcoin

Team Secret is an eSports organization that was formed back in 2014 and is based in Turkey. The first team made was for a Dota 2 which is the brainchild of Puppey, a member of the legendary Natus Vincere 2010-2014 roster.

He left NAVI to create his own team and until to this day, he is considered one of the best team captains in Dota 2 professional gaming history.

He alone as a player has earned $1,380,000 playing as a professional Dota 2 player. This is what Team Secret is all about, prestige and performance.


Team Secret Odds

Dota 2, Riyadh Masters MENorth America Qualifier
Nigma Galaxy - Team Secret ME
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
League of Legends, VCS
MGN Box Esports - Team Secret
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Saigon Buffalo - Team Secret
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2


About Team Secret:

Team Secret has grown into an organization from the team it was supposed to be created for. Now they can field more than one team in different games across the world to compete! Not only Team Secret focuses in Dota 2, but in different games as well.

Below would be their active game rosters for 2017.

Team Secret Dota 2

The team that Puppy created is still alive and kicking and is ready to compete. And with Team Secret qualifying for this year’s The International, this could be something huge!

  • MP – Pyo No0a
  • MidOne –Yeik Nai Zheng
  • Khezu –Maurice Gutmann
  • YapzOr –Yazied Jaradat
  • Puppy –Clement Ivanov

Team Secret Smash Brothers Melle

  • Silent Wolf –Otto Bisno

This is the current active roster for Team Secret. You are able to view all team roster through this link provided. Team Secret’s newly signed Women’s CS:GO Team was just dropped by the management. This is actually a shock in the CS:GO community as they were doing pretty good.

It looks like Team Secret is preparing for something huge, which is The International 2017 with a total prize pool of $22,621,449. This is something that the team should be working hard on if they are not able to sustain additional resources to their other teams.