Natus Vincere ESports Betting with Bitcoin

NAVI or Natus Vincere is Latin for “Born to Win”, in fact they have been able to produce teams of the highest caliber on all the games that they participate in. When you hear NAVI, all you would expect is performance and dominance. Though they have not been winning recent events, they are still a team name to be reckoned with. If you want to bet, then NAVI should be a part of your list as they always perform.

They’re a Ukranian Multigaming Organization that was founded way back in 2009 after the collapse of a Counter-Strike team. They showed the world back in 2011 that serious money is involved in professional gaming. The International 2011 was a huge event in the eSports scene helped them win $1,000,00 when they won the series championships that was held in Cologne Germany. The huge win did not only make them famous, but they earned the right to be called one of the “Greats” when it comes to eSports earnings. Their efforts throughout the years have garnered them sponsorship deals from left to right, making their uniforms a walking billboard.

Natus Vincere Odds

Dota 2, DPC EEurope 2023 Tour 3: Division II
Matreshka - Natus Vincere Junior
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Natus Vincere Junior - Team Sexy
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Counter-Strike, United 21
Arctic Raptors - Natus Vincere Junior
[VIEW +2]
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Handiсap: 2
Handiсap: 1
Halo, HCS 2023: Arlington
Natus Vincere - Gamers First
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Natus Vincere - SpaceStation Gaming
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2


About Natus Vincere:

As mentioned above, not only are they formidable in the Dota 2 scene, they also have teams for different games that are active in the eSports arena today. Below is their current Roster for their active teams.


  • Dendi – Danil Ishutin
  • SoNNeikO –Akbar Butaev
  • GeneRaL –Viktor Nigrini
  • Pajkatt –Per Anders Olsson Lille
  • Biver –Malthe Winther


  • Edward –Ioann Sukhariev
  • GuardiaN –LadislaV Kovacs
  • Seized –Denis Kostin
  • Flamie –Egor Vasilev
  • S1mple –Oleksandr Kostyliev


  • Skash –Artur Ermolaev
  • Zvene –Simon Svensson
  • aMiracle –Vladyslav Shcherbyna
  • JustNo0b –Egor Erokhin
  • DoubleAim –Aleksa Stankovic
  • Piter Pokir –Viktor Pachkunov

These are their active Roster for NAVI’s competitive teams. You are also able to see the complete player history and biography through this link.