Fnatic ESports Betting with Bitcoin

Fnatic is a professional eSports organization that was founded way back in 2004 and is based in London, United Kingdom. The organization is so huge that they are able to field eight teams of the greatest eSports games ever being played today. They even call themselves the best team in the EU region due to their massive control of the area when it comes to providing winning teams in different games.

Bloomberg:  “Europe’s biggest and most successful team”

BBC:  “eSports equivalent of football super-team Real Madrid”

And they’re actually right! At the core of Fnatic is a group of professional gamers that have won thousands of tournaments and inspired millions of people from around the globe to pursue their dreams in becoming a part of this fast growing phenomenon of eSports gaming.

Fnatic Odds

League of Legends, LEC Summer
Fnatic - KOI
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Fnatic - MAD Lions
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2
Team Vitality - Fnatic
Match Winner: 1
Match Winner: 2


About Fnatic:

They are just more than an eSports team but they also aim to provide hardware and merchandise to all households in the world someday. You can visit their online shop here and be amazed on what they’ve got for sale!

Here are the teams they have for some of their games as they are too many to mention!

Fnatic COD

After five years of absence in the scene, Fnatic is back with a brand new Roster that will hope to battle against the Legends.

Fnatic CS:GO

The Fnatic CS:GO Team is considered one of the “Legend” teams from around the best in the world. They have won three major championships which earned them the title.

Fnatic Dota 2

Aside from the mentioned game teams above, they also have the following team rosters below.