Cloud 9 ESports Betting with Bitcoin

Cloud 9 is an American eSports organization that fields teams in various competitive games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Overwatch and much more! Their company is a fairly new one compared to other big names that exist today.

Though even though they have only been founded in 2012, they had made a huge impact in the eSports world by providing the best teams in professional gaming today!

Cloud 9 is an organization that excels in its diversity and has proven that by having not only one, not two, not even three teams but more than that!


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About Cloud 9:

Here are the teams that are currently active in Cloud 9’s team roster along with their respective players.

Cloud9 League of Legends

  • IMPACT – Eon-Young Jeong
  • RAY –Jeon Ji-Won
  • CONTRACTZ –Juan Garcia
  • JENSEN –Nicolaj Jensen
  • SNEAKY –Zachary Scuderi
  • SMOOTHIE –Andy Ta

Cloud9 Counterstrike: Global Offensive

  • STEWIE2K –Jake Yip
  • N0THING –Jordan Gilbert
  • SHROUD –Michael Grzesiek
  • SKADOODLE –Tyler Latham
  • AUTOMATIC –Timothy Ta

Cloud9 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • ACHES –Patrick Price
  • ASSAULT –Adam Garcia
  • XOTIC –John Bruno
  • PRIESTAH –Preston Greiner

Cloud9 Hearthstone

  • KOLENTO –Alexander Malsh
  • TIDESOFTIME –Andrew Biessener
  • DDAHYONI –Sanghyeon Baek

Just last May 13, 2017, it was officially announced at Cloud9’s website that their DOTA 2 Roster has been disbanded. This was by request of the players themselves after their failed attempts to get any Major Events under their hood in their past few months. It is actually quite sad as they are a solid team that performed sometime in the past. Depending on what Danan Flander –General Manager of Cloud9 wrote about, it looks like it was an internal decision of the team due to unresolved issues with them.