How to buy PSN Gift Card with Bitcoin

Crypto adoption has been spreading around the world and these digital assets have served us to break down many barriers and strengthen our economy. Although it is true that (unfortunately for the gamer community) it is not possible to pay for games or downloadable content directly with cryptocurrencies, there are services that sell gift cards for BTC, which you can assimilate to your PS (Playstation Network) account and thus buy everything the content you want for your games.

These services make it possible for people without access to international accounts in fiat currency to enjoy games and extensions available on PSN, through these simple digital gift cards.

What are Digital Gift Cards? How do they work?

Digital gift cards are virtual cards that represent a specific amount of money in fiat currency, such as $300 USD. These cards are frequently used to pay for products and services in different types of stores. In this case, we are talking about buying PSN content.

These cards have a code that will be received by the company where you want to buy a product and they will receive the amount available on the card as payment. In this case, we would only have to buy gift cards with BTC and then associate them with your PSN account.

Does any PSN Gift Card work for my account?

No, the truth is that you will have to purchase gift cards for the region specified in your PSN account. If you buy a gift card for PSN accounts in the European Union, you can only redeem the amount if your registration is based in a European country . For American residents, the option is to buy gift cards for the US Playstation Store, since the cards are designated for specific regions and cannot be processed if the geographic locations do not match.

How to buy PSN Gift Cards? Which service can I use?

Buying a PSN gift card is a simple process and consists of very few steps, although you will have to make sure you have all the details right because you could lose your money if you make the wrong purchase.

The first step is to access a service that sells gift cards for PlayStation Store and specify your region, in order to choose the available cards and successfully process the payment.

Finally you can redeem the code on PSN and download the content you want to enjoy on your console.

It is recommended that you use a recognized and reliable service to buy gift cards because there are many fraudulent websites that can put your money at risk, so we recommend secure platforms that you can trust.


Cryptorefills is a FinTech company with its own platform that offers different products and services to crypto users for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash payments. The company is based in the Netherlands and started as a simple service to recharge the phone credit with BTC. Cryptorefills’ objective is to promote crypto payments through privacy and decentralization of the transactions that are carried out through the service.

Besides PSN, this platform has a lot of different gift cards including Xbox, Amazon, Vodafone and plenty more.

To buy PSN gift cards with Cryptorefill you must follow the following steps:


Bitrefill is a platform that sells multiple products in cryptocurrencies, thus facilitating access to many users who do not have international accounts or fiat currency to make online purchases. This service offers different types of gift cards for phone credit, hotels, games and flights through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash transactions. Bitrefill also supports Lightning Network for purchases with Bitcoin.

In addition to accepting Bitcoin payments, it should be noted that the platform also allows transactions with fiat money (USD and EUR) if you have an existing account.

You can buy PSN Gift Cards on Bitrefill by following a few simple steps:

Buying PSN gift cards with any of these services will take as long as a transaction can take on the network of the cryptocurrency you have chosen. If you make payments with LTC or Dash, your orders will be verified almost instantly and you will not have to pay high withdrawal fees.

It should be noted that both platforms have a reimbursement system in the event that an order fails due to operator problems, establishing that the cryptocurrencies you deposit will be returned as soon as possible.