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View Offers is an excellent website offering an online Bitcoin casino environment, sports and eSports betting. The company was founded in 2012, but there is no information about its location. The domain is registered to Stephen Lee, and their servers are based in Phoenix, Arizona. The site is designed exclusively for the use of cryptocurrencies, and it offers a variety of different types of games, from casino to eSports.

The betting platform follows the industry standards on social media and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

BetcoinSports Reviews

When it comes to BetcoinSports reputation, it isn’t really great. There are many scam accusations online, primarily related to the account bans. Some users were banned after winning larger sums of Bitcoin, and the casino denies their existence. Others claim that the betting site doesn’t have fair win ratio, as they weren’t able to win a single Satoshi and they played for hours. Also, many players said they weren’t allowed to withdraw their Bitcoins. The lack of operating license is just icing on the cake.

On the other hand – there can, depending on the time of day, be a bit of a delay in terms of fully registering on the site unless you make an initial deposit right away. Some users have noticed a 24 hour period between registering and being authenticated, but this is directly related to BetCoinSports attempts to cut down spammers who try to take advantage of gaming sites. So there’s another side of the medal, as well.

Again, players who put an initial deposit can play immediately, which only confirms the fact that the delays in registration have to do with the enhanced security of the casino, so their ability to offer peace of mind is admirable.

BetcoinSports eSports Betting Experience

BetcoinSports is not the most sophisticated site when it comes to graphic design; however, this proves to be an advantage as it makes the site easier to navigate and find precisely what user wants. With so many options available on the site, this is certainly a must. Esports available for placing bets are:

  • Dota 2
  • CS-GO
  • Overwatch

Approval times for the accounts happen fairly quickly as long as you are playing between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm Eastern Standard Time. Between these times, account approvals usually take only 15 minutes, usually less. If you are trying to get your account approved after hours; however, you may be required to wait until the following morning.

The site only accepts Bitcoins as payments, so prospective users will need to have a Bitcoin wallet in order to make a deposit. The betting platform converts Bitcoins automatically to the site’s Universal Sports Dollars, also known as chips. The site equates 1 Bitcoin to 100 Universal Sports Dollars.

As is the case with most other similar sites, minimum and maximum wagers do apply. In the eSports, minimum wagers are set at five chips, which is equivalent to 0.005 BTC. The maximum bet in the sports book is 1,000 credits or 1 BTC. Minimum bets vary slightly in the casino but are usually set at about five credits/0.005 BTC with maximum bets at 200 credits/0.2 BTC. With consistent play, users can increase their maximum wagers. Players should also be aware that there is a minimum deposit amount that is equal to 0.01 BTC. Minimum and maximum wagers can also be adjusted at any time by the site’s management.

When players are ready to take their winnings and make withdrawals, allows withdrawals to be performed Monday through Friday from 10 am to 10 pm Eastern Standard Time. During off hours, withdrawals can take up to eight hours to complete. Additionally, a confirmation request may need to be completed for withdrawals that exceed 5 BTC. In order to make a withdrawal, users will need to have at least ten credits/0.010 BTC in their accounts.

Betting Bonuses on BetcoinSports

The betting site offers a 100 per deposit match bonus up to one Bitcoin. Users are required to make at least ten wagers in the sports book and ten games in the site’s casino in order for the bonus to apply. Additionally, the total amount of wagers must exceed the bonus amount in order for a user to make a withdrawal. A referral program is available to encourage users to refer their friends to join the betting platform and play. Getting started using the site is relatively easy, although it is necessary to enter data that includes a username, email address, and password.

Security and Anonymity at BetcoinSports

As other top-notch online gambling sites, BetcoinSports also take security at a premium, and this extends even to their sign up and registration process: it takes very little time, and the very little personal information is needed. The information is confined solely to a valid email and a password, though they will ask a question to ensure that you are a human and not a spammer or a bot.
The website wasn’t hacked in the past, and they do not offer two-factor authentication.

Customer Support

Of course, a betting platform wouldn’t be complete without a support section as well. Although not particularly exemplary, the live chat featured on the site (which is available 24/7) was generally quite helpful, both regarding figuring out transactional questions relating to Bitcoin or the site itself, as well as advising on other technical issues. They also can be contacted by email which was quite prompt in responding and had a very detailed answer.


BetcoinSports by all accounts seems credible, and their huge listings and very attractive eSports games put them in some of the higher echelons of gambling sites.


  • Many events to bet on
  • Big signup bonus
  • Simple registration


  • Betting only up to 2BTC
  • English-only website

Besides these pros and cons, two more things need to be mentioned. The website only accepts Bitcoins, which can limit possibilities for the players. Also, withdrawals are available only in certain timeframe, which can be frustrating at times.

Still, BetcoinSports is definitely one of the betting platform to look out for. Have you used BetcoinSports? Share your thoughts below.

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