World of Tanks Bitcoin Betting – Where to bet on World of Tanks with Crypto?

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What is World of Tanks? World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online game developed by, wherein you can be a tank Captain! Let us know more about WoT and how to earn Bitcoins through betting on different professional e-Sports teams. If driving the famous “Tiger” tank through ruined cities, jungle maps, and even the dessert has been your dream then World of Tanks is the game you need to look into!

World of Tanks initial release was back in 2010 and was only available in Russian servers. It then later had servers for Europe, North America, and the South East Asia – Oceanic regions following its initial release. The main platform was designed for PC gaming, but as the audience grew bigger over the years, it expanded into PlaysStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and a mobile version that you can play on your smartphones or tablets.

The main reason why people love to play Word of Tanks no matter the platform would be the ability to excel in the game without having to purchase that much in-game items as the game demands skill. Not to mention, the “Global Map” in which your clan can conquer is something that is really a thing to witness.

As we all know, MMO’s have always been a genre wherein you need to spend money in order to have an advantage over free users. In World of Tanks, we will discuss the available in-game items that you can purchase.

Premium Advantages

Money is always an advantage, may it be in real life or in online games. World of Tanks might is different to that mediocracy. In WoT, even if you have the cash advantage, you still need the skill in order to kill an enemy tank.

Premium Account – Premium accounts would range from $12.00 to $100.00 depending on the duration of the premium plan. A premium plan is exactly what it means. You can play the game for free and you can choose to have a premium account. What would you get for going premium? You wouldn’t get a tank that can one hit everyone in the map that’s for sure!

Anyways, you will get larger amounts of experience per game and in-game gold currency generates faster. Basically, it would make your life easier through the game as you would not grind that much to research tanks that you want to play. Not to mention, the repair costs wouldn’t hurt that much on higher tier battles.

Premium Rounds – Yes, you can purchase premium rounds and shell the hell out of your competition. Premium rounds would depend on the tank that you are using. Some may have higher penetration other tanks may get premium rounds with higher explosives.

Bare in mind that premium rounds don’t always guarantee a damage as again, you need to aim at the right spots. What’s interesting about premium rounds is that this feature is not only accessible to people that have fat wallets, but you can also purchase premium rounds in-game through the in-game currency. Awesome right?

Premium Tanks – Premium tanks or as players call them “collectibles” are tanks that are not special in any tactical or damage-wise advantage. They are simply collectible tanks that cannot be researched in-game and you need to buy them using cash of you want to own one. Premium tanks have the capability of earning in-game cash faster than normal tech-tree tanks that you can research in the game.

Premium Consumables – Just like premium rounds, consumables range from Chocolates, Pudding to a nice bottle of Coca-Cola. Consumables are used in battles to boost your tank crew and help them perform better. Please be advised that you are only able to bring a certain amount of consumables per game and you need to turn on the auto-replenish for the system to buy the used consumables and get ready for the next game. Premium consumables are also available to be purchased using in-game currency.

Personally, you only need to have a premium account and one tier 8 premium tank in order to have a good time in World of Tanks. As this would help you research main tech-tree tanks and level them to the maximum which is tier 10. A video of a tier 10 Russian Heavy tank IS7 is being played in this video below as he does 10k damage. Please also notice as he aims properly before he shoots.

World of Tanks e-Sports Scene

The e-Sports scene in World of Tanks comes in naturally as you need to have the skills in order to become a professional WoT player. In World of Tanks, you need to aim for the “weak spots” like the drivers-hatch, lower plate armor, side skirts, the cupola and of course the turret ring. All of these tank parts can be studied once you play WoT. But I guess you get the idea right? It’s not a game wherein you just simply target an opponent and spam click your mouse till the enemy tank dies, no, it’s definitely not like that.

You need to take your time to aim, lead your target and fire. After that, the crosshair would disperse every time you take a shot. Not to mention, there are also times wherein you are perfectly aimed at something but your gunner isn’t that good yet; resulting in a miss.

In public games, having high-level tank crew members is the key to winning battles. You gain tank crew members experience by playing lots of games with them inside a specific tank you want them to be assigned in. Yes, a lot means a lot, like a thousand games per tank to make them competitive. In the e-Sports scene, this doesn’t matter as each team member would be provided pre-generated accounts that have maximum crew “skills” which you can choose from.

Speaking of skills, each crew member of your tank has abilities that you can choose from. These abilities would greatly determine how you want to play your tank or how you want to counter the enemy teams’ strategy. Choosing the right set of crew skills will definitely dictate the course of the battle. Skills would range from tank maneuverability, gunner’s accuracy and loaders reload time.

Wargaming has been sponsoring their own tournaments since 2012 up until this year. This means that even though they haven’t been giving a lot of money in terms of cash prizes but they have been shouldering competition costs to participating teams from across the Globe! Below are the top teams for the North American region.

The ranking is based on a point system. You can look into other teams through this link.

Betting Syle for World of Tanks

In World of Tanks, research is key in order for you to win a bet with World of Tanks games. Twitch usually air regional competitions and you can use this to your advantage. In World of Tanks, there are underdog teams that have been dominating in their regional areas that are unknown in the international scene. This is what happened exactly way back in 2014 when “PVP Superfriends” shocked the whole Wargaming League in the international stage that was held in Warsaw, Poland. What people didn’t know about them is that they were back to back South East Asia – Oceanic Regional Champions! With their team captain “Batman”, the audience went crazy on them. Though they only finished 4th in the World League, they captured the hearts of millions as they played with their hearts.

As mentioned, if you want to bet in World of Tanks, do your research. Know the latest teams that are dominating in each region and get to know them better. Below are pointers that you always need to put in mind if you are looking into a specific team.

The lack of publicity through mainstream audience is the reason why I only found one website that caters to Bitcoin betting for World of Tanks. This website would be Click on the website name and you will be directed to our review page so that you will know more about the website before you start betting on the next League Champions!