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Warcraft III is a Real-time strategy game or RTS which was developed none other than Blizzard Entertainment and was released in 1994. The first release was Orcs & Humans in 1994 and was followed by the sequel in 2002 with the title Reign of Chaos. The third part was released right after on 2003 with the title The Frozen Throne which is being played in eSports.

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The story line is just awesome! Not to mention, it almost reached a decade before the new title was added. Did you even know that the custom maps in Warcraft III was so in-depth that it gave birth to a game that now shadows the world? Yes, DotA 2 came from Warcraft III. Cool? Just like Starcraft the game has playable races, starting with Humans and Orcs on the first game that was released in 1994 and the two additional races Night Elves and the Undead were later on added on the later titles. The single-player campaign is designed like Starcraft wherein the story line itself is worth hundreds of playable hours. The Multiplayer mode uses the internet through Battle.net in which you can battle players from across the globe.

Warcraft III Races Overview

Human – Humans just like in real life have the ability to create things. In Warcraft III they are just as resourceful as us. They specialize in machines to help them win battles. Humans have very good tech and good casters in the game; this makes them scary in early game. A good Human-Warcraft III player can easily bully any race if they know what they are doing. People say that it is a “weak” race, but the reality is that no one has the skills to play the race as it should be.

Night Elf – The strength of the Nigh Elves comes with their versatility to destroy any race (in lower skilled plays) just like Protoss does in StarCraft. Night Elves have a variety of attacks and abusive tactics that other races can easily shrug off. Not to mention, when Night Elves uses their tavern summon Heroes, they can create a powerful tier 2 army and pressure the opponent from upgrading to tier 3. When you are just starting the game, Night Elf is the race that you want to play with as it is very easy to own in this race.

Orcs – Their advantage is their unit’s strength. Orc has the strongest tier 3 units in the game, making them great for long games that stretch out. If you are against an Orc, it would be easier to defeat them early game than bringing the game longer out. They have the ability to fast tech any race and on any map they are playing at. This is because of their tier 1 hero Blademaster and their impeccable good base defense. They also have the best anti air units in the game as you do not need to research or upgrade bats to function as great anti air units.

Undead – Their biggest strength is their Hero synergy. The only problem with the Undead is that you need to bring your tech to tier 3 in order to dominate the game. Without the proper upgrades from higher tech trees this race is really hard to play for the win. In group matches when a major clash happens, a lower than a tier 3 Undead race is always a support race.

Before me move forward to the next sub topic, here is an eSports video with Human vs. Orc in play.

Warcraft III eSports

When you talk about eSports games today the games that would pop-up in your mind would be DotA2, League of Legends, CS:GO even maybe Starcraft 2, but not Warcraft III.

This has clearly affected the eSports prize pool that current RTS games like Warcraft III are operating at. But that doesn’t mean that you are unable to bet Bitcoins with those matches right? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if the prize money for the game you betted on is $100,000 or $100, it all matters on how much Bitcoin you are going to win, correct?

With that being said, it would be best to know the current players that are still owning it in Warcraft III. Below is the list of players from around the world that you would want to look into. Knowing the best player is like knowing your favorite race horse in the track. You always need to have at least the best three players in mind before moving into Bitcoin betting. Not only you would need to have a list of your top three players, you also need to look at wildcards that would spring up from nowhere and beat your favorite player.

Click on the player names listed above and you will be redirected to a website showing the best earners of Warcraft III. Of course it is all about earnings! Knowing which player rakes in the big bucks is as important as it can get. To get more information about the earnings ladder, please click on this link and you will be redirected to the website.

Warcraft III Bitcoin Betting Styles

Now you have a favorite player in your sights, you now need to think about how to approach the Warcraft III Bitcoin betting scene.

Human – Just like in the game, being a Human better you work your technology in your favor. This means that you will use all the recorded videos of the favorite players you have listed down in your little notebook that you are holding in your hands right now. In a game like Warcraft III, eSports games are defined by a player’s mastery and tenure of the game itself. This is not a team sport wherein you would look into specific players within teams to find the best team to work with. A single-player game wherein winner takes all makes it all different. Look for player manirisms and game techniques, use them all to your advantage.

Orc – You are an Orc and you go into battle headstrong. In betting, you love to choose a player and go with them all the way, no matter what happens. The downside of having this type of betting style is so obvious, yes you are a “YOLO” better and that is not good. You tend to stick with one player and just bet your way to the top. This is both rewarding and devastating as you are gambling for the win. Betting is different than gambling since in betting you are putting money on the player that you think is going to win. Gambling on the other hand is just choosing one player without any research whatsoever and just pray to the stars that you win the game.