Vainglory Bitcoin Betting – Where to bet on Vainglory with Crypto?

What is Vainglory? It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game or MOBA for short that was developed by Super Eveil Megacorp and was released way back in November 2014.

What’s great about Vainglory is that this is not your typical PC MOBA game as this is a mobile platform MOBA game. That means that you are going to the play the game using your smartphone or mobile devices. Mobile gaming has been starting to create a name of its own when Clash of Clans came in and stormed the world of mobile gaming.

A list of Mobile MMORPG games came right after that (there are a few names before but later ones are worth playing) then came in mobile MOBA games.

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Today in 2017, mobile games are getting bigger and better. It wouldn’t be a shock that a few years from now gaming tablets would be a thing. You can read more about current gaming tablets that are great for mobile gaming here.

What’s awesome about Vainglory is that it has transitioned this very popular gaming style (MOBA) from PC to mobile gaming. And clearly, it is way ahead of its time.

The game was developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS (2016) and Android (2015). And as mentioned above, it is a simplified MOBA game wherein two teams fight to destroy the enemy base. But instead of having five versus five games, this mobile version only has 3v3. It has also the same features as a PC MOBA with one major “lane” and a “jungle” wherein players can farm neutral creeps at.

It’s so amazing to know that the game’s development actually started back in 2012 when the Super Evil Megacorp started as well. Just imagine, 2012? Mobile gaming at that time was just something that gamers would dream of! Real gamers by the way do not care what platform they are playing at, as long as they like the game, then that’s it! ATARI FTW.

Vainglory Gameplay

Of course, in order for you to properly understand the game, you need to know the gameplay of Vainglory.

Vainglory is a MOBA where two teams fight to destroy the enemy base (Vain) while defending their own in an epic battle of control. The main battle usually happens within the “jungle” as players try to overrun each other’s side and keep the resources to themselves. Not only a team would fight for the control of the jungle but they also need to keep in mind the middle “lane” as this is where the minions march that are automatically spawned by each side’s bases made to destroy the opposing minions and base.

The lane has three towers per side that dots the road to each side of the map. The objective aside from destroying the enemy base is to disable the opposing team by destroying the towers that are dotted across the main lane.

In Vainglory players control a “Hero” in which they can choose before the game starts. In eSports, before an official match starts, each team would have the chance to ban heroes that they think would be an advantage to an enemy team.

Vainglory PVP Modes

There are three pvp modes in Vainglory; these modes are listed below.

Standard – This is where the whole map/game features are all available. Each game lasts for 20 minutes.

Battle Royale – Random character is assigned to a player and is a lot shorter than the original standard game as everything is made faster. The progression is faster making it easier for a casual gamer to step in and out.

Blitz – The latest addition to the PVP mode in Vainglory is faster than the previous game mode (depending on player experience) as each team needs to reach 15 points to secure the game. To get points enemy heroes killed will be issued 1 point per kill and destroying Turrets, Crystal Miners and Gold Miners give 3 points each. The game only lasts for 5 minutes; the highest scoring team wins the game.

There are a couple of mobile MOBA game titles today that has been created in the likeness of Vainglory. Though nothing still compares to the game that was one of the firsts to be introduced in this platform. Now you know a thing or two about this game, it is time to look into the eSports scene.

Vainglory World’s Top Teams

Knowing the top performing teams in Vainglory eSports scene is as important as knowing your betting style. Here are the top teams that you need to look into:

Vainglory 8 NA 2017 Summer Ranking

  1. Team SoloMid
  2. GankStars
  3. Cloud9
  4. Tempo Storm
  5. NRG Esports

Vainglory 8 EU 2017 Summer Ranking

  1. Mousesports
  2. Dynasty Gaming
  3. Rising Lotus
  4. Fnatic EU
  5. SK Gaming

You can get updates through this link provided.

Vainglory eSports Bitcoin Betting Styles

Here are the betting styles that you want to familiar with if you plan to bet your Bitcoin against the next major event in Vainglory. You now have knowledge on how the game is played as well as know what teams to look into. Do you have a favorite? Here are the betting styles for Vainglory.

Protector – As a Protector you are a person who loves to bet on teams that have been doing good in the current circuit. Making sure that a team is on tip-top shape is something that you need to master in order to be a “Protector”. Videos, you need to watch countless hours of recorded games of teams that you think would excel on the current tournaments and of course Roster Changes.

Warrior – A Warrior knows how to play the jungle if you compare this to a hero class in game. In a betting scene, you are a warrior if you know how to adapt quickly in betting on the right team before everything goes south. Every season there are team favorites that always get to the top, but this is not a case when something goes wrong with their plan. As a warrior, you need to be keen enough to see these imperfections and exploit them to your advantage.