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What you need to know about SMITE eSports

Smite came in third on the largest e-Sports pot money prizes. With this being said, let us know more about this third-person Multiplayer Online Arena Battle (MOBA) game. Players control “Gods” instead of heroes of champions which is being used by its competitors in the genre.

The Windows version of the game released back in 2014 and followed by the Xbox One version in 2015, Playstation 4 and MacOS later in 2016. The game itself has a number of PVP mode and a long list of playable Gods with multiple tournaments dotted all-year-round. Compared to other MOBA games out there today, they have made something far different and this can be experienced once you play a game with Smite.

With DotA 2 or LoL, Smite is something different. On Conquest mode, which is the e-Sports platform, you would be controlling a God along with four other players in your team against a team of the opposing side of the map. You would still have minions to help you push the lanes, but the camera angle is what sets this game apart from other MOBA games.

The third-person view of the game hatches a different kind of thrill when it comes to dealing with your foes in your chosen lane. On the mentioned MOBA games above, you would see everything from an areal view. In Smite, everything is in third-person view making it more immersive and easier to get lost in the game itself. Coupled with stunning graphics, this game is indeed a new branch of the MOBA gaming tree.

How to Smite

Before you start betting your life savings of Bitcoin; you need to at least know how to play Smite or know how it all works to get a good idea on whom to bet on when the time comes. As mentioned above, you would still choose a “God” to play with and you will still be pushing the lanes on which you decide to push at, or you can kill the neutral monsters in the jungle, your call.

Smite has many PVP features that you can choose from, the largest and most popular would be the Conquest mode. In this game mode, players are formed in two teams with five players per side. What’s great about Smite is that players would have start-up money (1,500 gold) in which they can purchase starting items. Smite also has an “auto purchase” feature in which your items will be automatically upgraded and purchased by the system depending on the item you need. Smite also doesn’t have any “Auto-aim” feature in which you just need to click or hit tab to select a hero in front of you. Everything is in action mode, meaning, you need to aim at your opponent to hit them. You can also use the line-of-sight advantage wherein you can hide behind friendly minions and not get hit; unless it’s an AOE skill.

Just like its counterparts, Smite has three lanes running from one side of the map to the other. You would have two outer towers that defend the lane and a Phoenix in the inner third tower. The objective is to go through these towers, defeat the last tower which is the Phoenix and kill the Titan on each team’s bases. What’s interesting is that these Titans do move as they are their own defensive structure. When enemies get near the Titan, this activates and turns into a game Boss! The team who destroys their opponent’s Titan first wins the game.

A video from MMOhuts below is something that you should watch!

Smite e-Sports scene

This is where it gets interesting! For all of you people that have only heard about Smite, they have been active in the e-Sports scene since 2015 right after the ranking system was implemented a year earlier. Hi-Rez Studios sponsored the very first said event and gathered players from North America, South America, Europe and China to compete in a 3-day “Smite World Championship” in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the time where the $2.6 million prize pool placed third in e-Sports largest prize pools.

Since the launch tournament in 2015, they have staged four major tournaments to date. The most recent major event was in January 2017 and the champion team that emerged from the rest was NRG Esports bringing $500,000.00 home with them.

Teams to look into:

“Smite World Championship: Season 3” might be over but the new season is in sight, time to regenerate and race back to the top. Here are the teams that performed amazingly on the latest event. With this being said, with the steam they have been running with, it looks like we will still be seeing these same names come next season.

  1. NRG Esports – Came in very strong since the start of the season.
  2. Obey Alliance – Dominance in the late game which led to the finals.

The fire, the clashes, will they still have it this season? That’s for you to find out and decide if it would still be a good idea to bet on these teams.

Smite betting styles

Let us not forget that this is a game where you control different deities in order to get your objective; which is to demolish the opposing team with sick strategies and awesome “godly” moves. Now you know the game history and their e-Sports scene, it would be best to know how to bet like a person who knows how to play Smite.

Shoot from the hip! – A betting style in which you bet on the underdog and win! Betting on Underdogs can be really rewarding as the odds are greatly stacked up against them. You can easily get 1:10 over your underdog team in some cases and it can be the greatest day of your life if that happens. Some might win with just pure luck, others make it a living. Spotting an upcoming “next big thing” in Smite can be tricky as you need to search the lower ranks for a gem in the pack. Know what the team has been up to and try to make sense out of the chaos they call winning streak.

Hold The Line – This is an accolade within Smite given to players that have killed enemy Gods that were trying to kill your tower or Phoenix. As a Bitcoin better you need to hold that line for the team that you think would win the series or a game that you just betted on. A good fanboy does not only look into its team’s strengths but weaknesses as well and we all know that every team has one. It might be a certain player in the group or something that they do that makes it bad in general.

Tower Dive – Or YOLO betting can also be done if you can afford what you are going to lose. You might Yolo bet on something that you might regret later on. If you just want to bet on a team because your gut tells you to, then you are about to do a tower dive bet on a team that has 50% chance of giving you a few Bitcoins richer before the bet started.

Smite is not as popular as its MOBA counterparts, thus not all betting websites would cater this game. But I have found a couple of websites that do and since everything you need has been provided, it’s time to bet!