Rocket League Bitcoin Betting – Where to bet on Rocket League with Crypto?

You can bet on Rocket League with Bitcoin and other Cryptos on these websites, here are our reviews:

What is Rocket League? Excelling in sports means that you know exactly where you are in control or not in control. In rocket

Excelling in sports means that you know exactly where you are in control or not in control. In rocket league, this happens all the time in any given match.This feeling is not surprising as this game was inspired by soccer, an all time adrenaline-rush game! The best part of this game is that you are able to defeat your opponent from the comfort of a very awesome car!

In Rocket League you are not allowed to blink an eye as your judgment is needed in every split second as the game thrives on speed and momentum. This feeling is best described as you drive through the sides of the arena! The ability to drive on the sides of the arena comes in handy if you are just tunneled into chasing the ball around the place. With this being possible, the action while chasing the ball is not hindered by the blunt possibility of crashing into the wall.

Speaking about the Rocket League ball, when you first play the game it reminds you of that eternal bouncing beach ball. The ball bounces and flies to unpredictable directions when touched by two parties at the same time. This is where the game favors the bold! These are moments when you realize that you are not in control of the game at all times and you should only dare chase it when you are sure you can make a difference out of that move.

In Rocket League you are unable to open the car doors and make them your “arms” but instead, you are able to move your car forward, backward and sideways to control the ball. You can even do leaps wherein you can somewhat do headers or bicycle kicks. The game is so immersive that you tend to forget that you are playing a soccer game with supercars!

To get an idea of how the game plays, please look into this video by Tmartn2 posted on YouTube.

Don’t miss out the fun part at around 9:20-9:53 wherein Tmartin works his way with the ball and tries not to score in his own goal!

Rocket League in eSports

Unlike any other game that has been in eSports where you would ask yourself, why is there a competitive scene for this game? In Rocket League, the game was made for eSports!

Soon after the release of the game, it was officially sponsored as an eSport game by joining ESL. In 2015, MGL or Major League Gaming announced the first season of Professional Rocket League. After that the NBC Sports Group in coordination with Faceit ran its own $100,000 prize pool Rocket League tournament last August 2017, it was NBC’s first entry into eSports.

Today, Rocket League is one of the most watched eSports games in the world due to the action packed instances it brings.

Top Ten Rocket League Teams

Of course, when talking about pro leagues, it is always nice to have a list of the best teams in the world today. Below are the top ten in the league as of 2017.

  1. FlipSid3 Tactics – total earnings: $122,081.02
  2. NRG Sports – total earnings: $52,533.33
  3. G2 Sports – total earnings: $20,495.67
  4. Selfless Gaming – total earnings: $19,041.67
  5. Denial Sports – total earnings: $16,700.00
  6. Gale Force eSports – total earnings: $14,000.00
  7. Rogue – $14,000.00
  8. Team Orbit – $11,500.00
  9. Team Infused – $4,004.40
  10. SetToDestroyX – $4,000.00

To know more about the top teams in Rocket League today, all you need to do is click on their names and you will be redirected to their websites/team profiles.

Rocket League Bitcoin Betting Styles

In Rocket League, you need to know about the betting styles in order for you to properly witn that Bitcoin bet you want to make. Roicket League is a game of passion and adrenaline rush, it would be best to stay focused in your goal, which is to win as much Bitcoin as possible.

Striker – Whether it be a 1v1 or 3v3 in Rocket League, you need to know who your best striker is. In betting styles, you are a striker if you want to get to your goal as precise as possible. Being at the right place and at the right time is one of the things that you need to put in mind. A good better always knows when to bet and who to bet on.

Defender – There is always a defender in every game out there today. A person who knows how to take a stand when it comes to holding on to thier Bitcoin and waiting for the right time to bet is a good defender in a sense as you would be taking in a lot of doubts if your team can make it through or if you have placed a bet on the right team. This betting style would need a lot of patience; something that is very hard to come by if you want to win Bitcoins as fast as you can.

Keeper – A keeper would be a straight out fanboy. Someone who knows his/her favorite team and would only bet on that team’s games. Someone that is not afraid to lose the Bitcoins placed on the table. Betting on your favorite team is lovely, but you need to put in mind that there are times that even the best of the best has their downtime. If you know your team by heart, the very first pitch of the ball you would know if they are on their A-game or not.

The sad thing about Rocket League and Bitcoin is that there is only one website so far that I have seen that accepts betting. Their website name is and you can check their reviews.


Rocket League is just a really awesome game! With the cross-platform capabilities, it wouldn’t be hard to invite a PC gamer and a Console gamer to play one round with each other. What I really like about the game is the adrenaline high you get just by watching it! Not to mention, that adrenaline rush is magnified once you are playing the game yourself. I would really recomend you try playing this game as it is worth your time.