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Overwatch is an MMO-FPS (Massively Multiplayer Online – First Person Shooter) game wherein you control heroes that have unique abilities. The game was developed by the legendary Blizzard Entertainment and it is a buy-to-play game. This means that you need to pay $40.00 for the PC version and $60.00 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Click on the websites and you will be redirected to their reviews.

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The game was first introduced to the audience way back in BlizCon 2014 and went through closed beta stage from 2015 and finally released on 2016. Professional gaming includes two main events which are the Overwatch League andOverwatch World Cup.”

Overwatch Gameplay

Of course, it would be a good idea to know more about the game that you are going betting on. Knowing the gameplay of Overwatch would be of great help in the future if you want to win Bitcoins, right? The last thing you would want to bet on is an online game that you are clueless about.

Overwatch features two teams of six players per side. At every start of a match, you will be able to choose from a list of heroes that you can start with. Each hero has special abilities and role classes. There are four classes which you can choose from, this would be:

Offense – Deals high attack and speed

Defense – Defense characters are made to create choke points

Support – These are heroes that can heal teammates or provide buffs

Tank – These heroes can withstand heavy attacks and have huge HP pools

These mentioned classes are then distributed through a list of Heroes that you can choose from. Famous names such as Tracer, Widowmaker, Genji and of course Winston will be part of the hero pool.

During pre-match, each team side can choose their starting classes and get to the map’s objectives. If their current setup is not working to their advantage, they can easily change class and counter the opposing team strategy.

The game encourages players to be able to adapt to the dynamic gameplay of Overwatch. This means that you are not locked into the wrong pick for the rest of the game period. If you think that the hero that you have chosen is not able to run the match as per play, then switch roles or heroes to win the game.

With a feature like this, you are able to pump-up the competitiveness a notch higher as each team would continue this dance of power until one of them wins. Since your team can easily change heroes when a character dies, it would be easier for the team to change strategies on the go. This is what makes the game dynamic as the teams can continuously change their roster.

Watch this very first gameplay trailer releassed way back in 2014. You’re welcome!

Overwatch e-Sports Scene

Time to put those Tracer skills to a test! Overwatch has one of the most active gameplay out there today.

e-Sports has been with Overwatch from the start, even when it was still in its latest days of closed beta. Below would be a list of total prize money since the first tournaments held back in 2015.

2015 – 8 Starter Events with a total prize money of $3,320.00 USD.

2016 – 110 Major & Small Events with a total prize money of $1,962,345.81 USD.

2017 – 108 Major & Small Events with a total prize money of $862,853.00 USD.

You can read more about the detailed events tally through this link. Recorded date range from 2015-11-14 to

Teams you want to scout in Overwatch

Just like any other e-Sports games today, you, of course, need to know the best teams that are currently fighting to be on the top of the leader board. Here you will see the best of the best and the lucky teams that have seeded into the latest playoffs bracket. Below would be eight teams per region. If you want to know how they play, you can search through Twitch or YouTube and learn a thing or two about their teams. For North America, we have a couple of familiar names that you might know about.

  • Immortals
  • Faze Clan
  • LG Evil
  • Kungarna
  • Renegades
  • Team Liquid
  • Envision

Below would be the eight teams from Europe:

  • eUnited
  • Movistar Riders
  • Singularity
  • Laser Kittenz
  • 123
  • Rest in Pyjamas
  • Misfits
  • Bazooka Puppiez

These are the best teams right now and after the dust settles a world champion will emerge. Always make sure that you do not just look at the team history of victories but you also need to look into their defeats. What were their defeats? Did they lose because of their ego? Becuase they underestimated an underdog? These are the things that you need to put in mind when studying an e-Sports team. Just like people, they do have different personalities.

Bitcoin Betting Styles with Overwatch

Now that you’ve got everything from gameplay to the best teams in the world, it is time to put those scouting skills to a test!

The best way to win Bitcoin would always come in the most obvious techniques that have been practiced to win games in professional settings. But it’s always good to know and practice these skills to your advantage. Yet again, the “practice makes perfect” quote always does make sense.

Search & Destroy – Just like an offensive class in Overwatch, you need to make sure that you have a player/hero in your sights to secure the advantage in a game. You are a predator that strikes at the weakest part in order to secure an objective. That doesn’t steer away from your main objective and this is winning Bitcoins in your favor.

Just like an offensive class, you need to choose your targets properly and plan the most efficient way to attack. The best way to look for flaws is to view recent matches before they were seeded in the Playoffs tree. These games are the most crucial as this dictated their seeding. True skill can be seen in these games, watch them, learn and get information on each teams’ weaknesses.

Observe & Execute – A more passive way of betting Bitcoins would be to Observe and Execute. Compared the mentioned betting style above wherein you look into the weakest teams and bet on the opposing team on the next game, with observing and executing you need to wait a little longer for the larger prize money. You still have the whole playoffs to observe the teams and earn from them big time. The only set back with this betting style is that you are not earning fast like search and destroy but you will be able to pick out your own fights easily.

Everything has been looked into and you are ready to go! Below are websites that cater e-Sports Overwatch Bitcoin betting:

  • Cloudbet.com
  • Nitrogensports.eu
  • EGB.com