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HotS or Heroes of the Storm is a type of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game by Blizzard. They are the makers of all time favorites franchises Diablo and Starcraft. This is their own rendition of the genre with familiar character names from their other games like Tyrael of Diablo, Kerrigan of Starcraft and Tracer an agent of Overwatch just to name a few. A game with familiar names in a battle arena setting is just something that a Blizzard fanboy can be interested in. Have you ever wanted to duel with Diablo? This might be your chance!

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But Heroes of the Storm is different from your average MOBA game today as they have redefined it to a new level. In a normal MOBA game, you would go through the levels and kill your opponents through the right choice of items. If you made the wrong item that would not go with your character skills, then it could be the reason for your loss. With HotS, it’s different as you level you would be given the choice of skills that you can choose from.

Instead of gold, you will get experience from enemy minions that die within your team’s range! It’s weird but also refreshing in a way. Let us dig deeper and understand this interesting world of HotS.

Heroes of the Storm; what makes it different?

The gameplay itself is different from your average MOBA game today, in fact, Blizzard doesn’t call it a true MOBA game but instead they refer to it as an online brawler game. If you are unfamiliar with the whole MOBA e-Sports scene, then one look of this game would lead you to think that this might just be another DotA spin-off. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At first glance, you might just be fooled that HotS has the same game build as the mentioned competition above, but no, it is far more complex than you think. Below are the reasons why Heroes of the Storm is different from any other MOBA games out there today.

  • Different Maps – Not only Heroes of the Storm has more than a couple of different maps to play in, they have completely designed every map unique to each other. Each map has their own objectives to accomplish, and when these objectives are met, you will greatly have the advantage over the opposite team. You would still, of course, get the normal minion push from your base, with towers guarding the lanes but aside from that, you would be doing these objectives other than just trying to kill the opposing team.
  • Shared Experience – Do you know what this means? This means that your team doesn’t need to have a “carry” in order to kill someone on the opposite team. This also means that you need to work harder as a team in order to win objectives and win the game in general. With shared experience, you wouldn’t have a teammate walking in and out of the clashes when you need them the most, especially in pub games. Of course, it would be different in e-Sports scene, as a team you would just need to make sure that you guys are constantly killing minions and your team will level up together.
  • No In-game Currency – Yes, that is correct. Heroes of the Storm does not have any in-game currency. When you kill minions or players from the opposite team, you gain experience and you gain experience as a team. Without in-game currency teams in HotS do not need to feed someone in order for that player to get the best item as fast as possible, but instead, teams would be working to get the highest experience possible and that would be by killing minions or creating strategic moves to get an upper hand against the opposite team.
  • No Items – Coupled with no in-game currency is the fact that you do not have anything to buy. Every time you get experience you would level and when you reach certain levels, you would be given the chance to add skills into your hero. The skill-build can be customized to your personal game style or you can counter what the other team is trying to create on their end as you will know what their characters have gotten. These skills are called “talents” and they can dictate the course of the game.

They complete made a game that is seriously different from any other MOBA games out there today! Who can imagine playing MOBA games without the pressure of farming gold to buy the best item possible in the least given time? This is also one main reason why DotA and LoL players wouldn’t want to touch this game since it outvalues the “carry” system that this game has eliminated so well. A recent video posted in YouTube would give you an idea of HotS gameplay.

e-Sports Scene with Heroes of the Storm

Here are the current Top 5 teams of the world:

  1. Fnatic -EU
  2. L5
  3. MVP Black
  4. Team Dignitas
  5. Team Liquid

These are the teams that you might want to look into if you are planning to get into HotS e-Sports Bitcoin betting scene. The HotS prize pot money may be shy smaller than the rest of the MOBA games in e-Sports today but total winnings per year also reach millions of US dollars in total.

Betting Styles with Heroes of the Storm

Scout – Be a scout and know all the active teams out there today. It is far easier said than done when it comes to being a scout. In order for you to find the best team to bet on this series then you need to know who’s on top and who can rise from the lowe brackets. The five top teams that I have listed above should help you a lot in deciding which team to go with. Being a scout doesn’t mean that you would just look for team’s advantages, but knowing what their weakness is and exploit that information to your advantage is the key to being an impressive scout.

Damage Dealer – The name says it all. “Damage Dealer” means that you need to deal damage when it comes to betting on the right team. May it be an underdog that you saw moving up the ranks or a pro team that has been demolishing everyone in their way. But honestly, when it comes to being a damage dealer you need to know where to strike, and the sweet spot is always the weak spot at any point. The teams are generally are weak against opponents that would come from the lower bracket, why? Becuase everyone practices a counter for what the big dogs do, they never waste time watching replays of puppies. And as we all know, underdog betting can be really profitable if you know how to push the buttons. Those odds may not be in statistics favors, but you know better.

Tanker – You take the damage, you are a wall! You are the defense! Yes, as a fanboy you are the tanker when it comes to betting on teams no matter what happens. Every e-Sport game better out there today has always people like you. People that bet on their favorite teams no matter what happens. But there are two types of “Tankers”, the first type would be people that bet on their favorite teams when they know they would win. These are smart people.

The second group would be people that would bet every Bitcoin they own on their favorite team without looking at the odds or checking out the competition. This is called blind gambling, you need to think smart if you want to win smart.